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Your website is often the initial handshake with current and potential users. It's imperative that they feel welcome and understood. Beyond function and design, customers are looking for an interactive and useful website.

Martha's Piano Studio

Martha offers traditional, classical training in piano and music theory in her home studio.

Martha's Piano Studio Image

Martha already had a color scheme and look that she wanted. The website was intended to imitate a grand piano with a gloss black, white, and red felt. Look and feel needed to be simple and centered.

Target Audience

The target audience of the website was parents from 21-60 years old and potential adult students that could be 21+. Martha needed to appeal to a younger generation that is more tech savvy and looking for a web based experience. The intention was to move away from printed information and solely rely on a web interface.


Martha needed a website where she could post her newsletters, send forms and payment reminders, and get general information noticed on search engines. Up until the launch of the website, Martha had been relying on word of mouth. She had noticed a dip in registration and need a rejuvination in the form of technology. I'm happy to say that Martha's Piano Studio is now at 100% capacity for students and has a wait list of more potential clients.


Polarskin ice sheets is a company based out of Nashville, Tennessee that approached me to build a countdown site for a launch of their new product line.

Polarskin Countdown image

Target Audience

Polarskin was targeting a very specific audience in the sports medicine field and also the military. They had already gained a large military contract for their ice sheets to help overheated athletes but were looking to expand into the college market.


The website was a fairly simple design with complex code to run the countdown. Javascript was used to countdown to a date and CSS was for the aesthetic design. Beyond the index page was a product description and addtional information about the rest of the company.